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Compare Hosted PBX Providers: Best Services, Prices & Reviews

HostedPBXProviders.com is a one-stop resource to compare hosted PBX providers, rates, information, features, and more.

We provide everything you need to know to make an informed decision regarding a hosted PBX solution for your business. Read articles about hosted PBX for business, or compare hosted PBX services using our comparison matrix below.

Compare Business VoIP Providers: Best Services, Prices & Reviews

Business VoIP is a hosted phone service that directs external calls through a network of internal phone lines. A PBX is a telephone exchange system within a business that switches calls on internal lines between callers within the business while allowing callers to share a specified number of external lines. This allows the business to reduce costs by eliminating the need for an external line to each phone within the company. The PBX is owned and operated by the business. Business VoIP replaces the hardware of the traditional PBX with software.

Compare Virtual PBX Providers: Best Services, Prices & Reviews

Virtual PBX service has taken the business world by storm in recent years. As IP phone and other communication technologies have stepped in to replace poorly-aging telephone solutions that involve antiquities like copper wires and maintenance contracts, advancements in PBX have come to provide growing businesses across the globe with suite of essential features that they previously didn't know they were missing out on.