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Compare Business VoIP Providers: Best Services, Prices & Reviews

Business VoIP is a hosted phone service that directs external calls through a network of internal phone lines. A PBX is a telephone exchange system within a business that switches calls on internal lines between callers within the business while allowing callers to share a specified number of external lines. This allows the business to reduce costs by eliminating the need for an external line to each phone within the company. The PBX is owned and operated by the business. Business VoIP replaces the hardware of the traditional PBX with software. The software installation is much simpler and less expensive than the traditional PBX. It also has many more capabilities. Business VoIP systems are compatible with all VoIP, SIP compliant IP phones, analog phones and softphones. A number of business VoIP providers offer service for businesses of all sizes.

Vonage Business Solutions provides direct access to the Vonage Broadband Phone network for SIP-based phones, IP-PBX and conventional PBX systems. Customers receive unlimited local and long distance calling. A variety of rate plans are offered, and customers can choose between domestic and international packages. The plans include sophisticated features such as call forwarding, call waiting and visual voicemail. Customers can also talk and text worldwide for free. Vonage Business Solutions offers local number portability and a number of add on features including fax lines, additional phone lines and toll free numbers. Vonage virtual numbers allow users to obtain a virtual number in another area code and forward it to their primary number. Vonage offers flat rates with no contract.

RingCentral offers a cloud based PBX that delivers exceptional call clarity and reliability. Set up is quick and only takes a few minutes. Customers get instant access to calling and fax. The phone system can be accessed from any location with an internet connection from an online account with a user-friendly interface. Business VoIP makes it simple to manage a business on the go. It allows the customer to connect multiple offices, onsite personnel, and remote employees with one phone system. RingCentral’s business VoIP system includes such outstanding features as an auto-receptionist, music on hold and dial by name directory. The voicemail system offers recorded greetings, visual voicemail and voicemail to e-mail. Customers can easily manage calls with call forwarding, screening and call park. Other features include call logs, paging and intercom. Conferencing options include online meetings and audio and video conferencing. A variety of calling plans are available.

Jive Communications provides an advanced call routing system to efficiently manage calls. Their business VoIP phone system includes voicemail with automated greetings and message on hold. Customers can easily manage calls with call queues that direct to the first available line and call transfers. The system provides conference calling, speed dial, and caller ID. Other features include intercom, music on hold and call logs. A Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integrates business systems across the organization’s network with an address book that provides immediate access to contact information for customers to save time and increase productivity. The PBX system is hosted by Jive Communications, and therefor eliminates the need for businesses to purchase or maintain PBX hardware. Jive Communications offers five pricing plans, and each includes unlimited calling minutes, necessary toll-free and local numbers, and an online fax service.

Mitel AnyWare uses a cloud based PBX for fast, reliable service. They provide unlimited local and outbound long distance to the U.S. and Canada. The service includes voicemail with e-mail forwarding, call forwarding and call transfer. Customers are provided enhanced business solutions such as audio conferring, ACD Group Presence and Unified Communicator PC Client. Other features include Do Not Disturb, Make Busy with Reason and broadcast messaging. It integrates call management features such as auto attendant, queue prioritization, predictive routing and remote agents. Like other business VoIP providers, they offer a variety of plans. In addition to customized service for small and medium sized businesses, Mitel also offers plans designed specifically for contact centers. Mitel AnyWare allows customers to manage the entire system with a web based application, eliminating the need for an IT staff to administer phone systems.

BroadVoice offers a cloud based PBX with plug and play installation. Their cloud portal phone system allows customers to add, delete and modify users without having to call a service representative. BroadVoices’ multipresence feature provides access to the service from anywhere there is an internet connection. The application supports multiple locations within a business that use the same phone number. Call management applications such as auto attendant, call waiting, call forwarding and call manager are included. The service also provides voicemail with e-mail forwarding, fax to e-mail, caller ID and call block. Toll free numbers and nonlocal numbers are available as well. Customers receive unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada and 24 hour technical support. BroadVoice offers four calling plans including a Global plan for international calling.

Businesses searching for business VoIP providers with cloud hosting will find a number of outstanding features with 8x8. Their virtual room allows video conferencing in the cloud. Customers can hold a virtual meeting online with audio, visual and desktop sharing. A hosted contact center is also available to allow fast call routing. Call center software enables real time monitoring and call logs. Customers receive unlimited international calling as well as great features such as voicemail with e-mail forwarding, caller ID, Call block, call transfers and call park. Call management applications include auto attendant, music on hold and directory assistance management. The 8x8 administration portal allows customers to configure their PBX settings, auto Attendant and ring groups. It provides access to individual settings where users can change their voicemail password and set up call forwarding. A variety of calling plans are available with 8x8 including Virtual Office Mobile designed for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod.