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How to Give Your Small Business a Big Presence with Virtual PBX

Posted on: April 8th, 2014

Small businesses can compete with larger businesses more easily when they have the tools and resources that support them. With hundreds of employees who can help a large company handle their customers, these teams of people can assist their patrons and maintain a great image. However, when it comes to smaller businesses it’s harder to do. It seems nearly impossible to set up a toll-free number and an auto-attendant to monitor calls well with a small budget.

In the past, businesses have needed to rely on their phone company to connect their customer's calls to their offices. The call was routed over a wire, provided by the telephone company that's directed through a PBX switch, then routed to a company's analog desk phone. If a customer doesn't get in touch with a phone attendant, they might hear a busy signal and become frustrated. They may or may not get the answer they need from the company, and they may take their business elsewhere.

With virtual PBX systems, all that is beginning to change. Effective and efficient communication is essential to every business, and being able to handle the call volume that comes along with selling great services and products is just as important. Now, small businesses can give the appearance of being a much larger company than they are and reap the benefits.

Here are some ways these systems are making it easier for small businesses to compete with their competition.

Multiple extensions that free up phone lines

The last thing a small company wants to do is lose calls from prospective customers trying to contact them. With a virtual phone system, there are multiple extensions that are available to catch the calls a small company needs to answer. It’s not hard to connect the caller to who they want to speak with.

Lowering costs in the office

In a small business, everything counts. Whether it’s large or small, an owner is looking at ways to save money on their business without hurting the company. With an advanced phone system like this one, there’s no need to buy a huge amount of equipment to handle all the calls that are received.

Connect all business locations

Some small businesses are comprised of one, two or three offices. Connecting all locations means less hassle and more satisfied customers who get connected with the company. In some cases, one small company might have offices in two different states. A virtual phone system allows employees to use other extensions and connect all their outlets to relay information to others.

No reason to be tied to a desk

Employers and employees involved in small businesses have a great amount of work to do. Working on a variety of tasks, they might need to be in different places throughout the day. However, there’s no reason to be tied to one place when a small business uses a virtual PBX phone system. The calls can be forwarded and answered within an appropriate amount of time.

Less places to open call centers

In the past, businesses of all sizes have needed to invest in large amounts of phones, desks and computers to handle their customers’ calls and requests. This takes a good deal of energy and money to train employees, buy furniture, purchase multiple appliances and open call centers that support the business. With these phone systems, there’s no need to spend money on these large call centers.

Phone calls are professional

With a highly sophisticated phone system that’s based in the cloud, a customer will hear a warm and professional greeting that puts them at ease. Calling a toll-free number, they’ll feel confident that this business appreciates their call and stay on the line while listening to music. With an auto-attendant that forwards their call, they will be helped with their question or concern and be willing to patronize the business again.

Features that benefit small businesses

A phone system that offers call-routing services through the Internet relieves a small company’s customers from the technical complications that can occur. With a virtual system like this one, small businesses can transfer, screen and block calls accordingly. It’s even possible to get voice mail messages through a computer. Whether their employees need to make conference calls or international calls, it’s easy to use the system. With a monthly subscription, a hosted PBX system allows a business to thrive and serve every one of their customers with the service and attention they deserve. Virtual phone systems are making communication stronger between small companies and their clients, creating a bond that encourages them to come back and spread the word about their great services.

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